Tuesday, February 7, 2012

His Mighty Warrior

When we realized that our bedtime routine needed a little tweaking, we headed to a local Christian book store.  We had dozens of little-kid Bible story books, and probably half a dozen adult Bibles, but Zach is really in-between the two at this point.  He can just about quote the little-kid stories, but he doesn't know how to apply the adult Bible (which he's very interested in) to his life.

Enter...  Incredible devotionals for really neat boys!

We bought several different books the other day, but his very favorite is His Mighty Warrior.  I cannot say enough great things about this book!  For each topic, there is scripture, a letter from God to his Mighty Warrior (what little boy wouldn't love that?), and a prayer for the child to incorporate into their prayer life.

Love, love, love these devotionals!  They are prompting such deep discussions among our family and with our Heavenly Father.  This book is incredible.

After I'd jotted down the kids' prayer lists tonight, Zach just did not feel finished...  He sat down with His Mighty Warrior for another 15 minutes, and added to his prayer list.  In his own words.  In his own handwriting.

I love the heart of this Mighty Warrior.

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