Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rapidly growing

To my youngest son,

Lots of tears have been shed and protests made as your older brother goes off to events that you can't attend...  School field trips, field day, sports camps, overnights, birthday parties, etc.  "He gets to do everything and I get to do nothing."  You are so sad sometimes....but this just comes with the territory of being the younger brother, and not even a kindergartner yet.  But, your time is rapidly approaching.


Until then, I want you to know that you have something he doesn't have.  You have more grown-up alone time with me and I absolutely love it!  When he was your age, I was pretty busy chasing around his high-maintenance, strong-willed, not-quite-three-year-old brother.  When he was your age, we were bound to the house more.  He still watched Go Diego Go and Bob the Builder - imagine the horror.  We did not operate then like you and I do now.  You'd call it, well, baby'ish.

You are my super handy helpmate.  I love when you help me with chores.  When you rinse dishes.  Or clear the table.  Or take out the trash.  Or vacuum.  Or scrub the bathrooms.  Or help me sweep the floor.  Or fetch things under furniture.  I love when you help me with laundry, schlepping clothes from the the laundry table (also known as our dining room table) up to your closet or dresser.  And I love when you help me make the beds.  You are also great help in the yard - pulling weeds, digging holes, watering, raking leaves, planting.  Never, ever, complaining or asking what your brother has done to help.  You are HAPPY to be helping - with your head high and your chest sticking out like the man you fancy yourself being.  You are an incredible help to me around the house, and I will fondly hold these memories in my heart forever. 

You are also a most awesome shopping companion.  Reading the list, ticking things off, checking prices, and even scanning items at self check.  You are a great help loading and unloading the van.  And you sometimes help put things away at home.  I love to have you around when I shop.

And carpooling...  How many times have I interrupted your play time with, "C'mon, Buddy.  It's time to go get the kids."?  You promptly meet me at the door asking where we're going and who we might be giving a ride to.  Somehow it never feels like you're the little bro tagging along, but, rather, a second chaperone who just happens to still ride in a booster seat.  Perhaps this is why you are always telling Zach what to do..."Don't forget your water bottle.  Put that in the trash.  Buckle your seat belt.  Don't run in the parking lot."

And there are all the priceless conversations we've had along the way.  Endless listings of rides you're going to conquer this summer at Worlds of Fun, or ideas you have for your 6th birthday party, or school supplies you want to buy for kindergarten.  Questions about nature, animals, God, space, etc..  Stories you tell me about outings with Grandpa, playtime with friends, and games you play with Zach.  When you confide in me things you're afraid of or want to learn.  Questions you have about school or sports.  You even ask about family history.  I like talking to you.

I can't even imagine what these mundane, daily activities are going to look like when you're away at school next year.  Time has flown by.  Rapidly.

This is probably little consolation, for who wouldn't rather be at a birthday party than scrubbing a toilet?  But, for me, this time in your life...when you're simply not old enough to be on the go all the time...has been precious.  I've loved having you all to myself and will miss you when you go off to school.  I'm so glad God gave you to me.  Love you, Buddy.

PS:  Before you get the wrong impression and think I only had you so you could help me around the house...  Know that I love ALL the things we do - and the majority is crafts, board games, books, library days, museum trips, parks, sports, playdates, etc.  I just want you to know how special it is to me that - at this time in your life - we fit very well into each others lives.  I'm guessing that once you start school, I'll take care of all of "my" things while you're at school and our family schedule and activities will pretty much revolve around you and your brother.