Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bathtime bliss

On the rare occasion that we slow down long enough for Luke to take a bath, it's like heaven on earth for him.  Normally, it's a rushed shower.  Often with his brother in there - taking up space, hogging the water, bickering over who's freezing or who's fault it is that water is all over the floor.

But, Zach showered this morning...so Luke has the freedom to bathe on his own tonight.

He's swimming as I type.  Dunking his head.  Using plastic restaurant kids cups to pour water (because I recently threw away the cutesy stacking cups from the "baby days").  Liberally applying way too much soap as he washes each toe individually.  Giving himself a mohawk.  Diving for sunken treasure.  He probably has some green army guys in there too.

As I watch him play in the tub, I wonder why we don't slow down more often.  Childhood passes too quickly.  I'm going to try to plan bath time better - allowing for lazy days in the tub as often as possible.

I could benefit from a lazy soak myself!


And I never want to forget...  Zach was responsible for helping Luke get the tub ready.  He picked the right water temperature, laid the bath mat out for him, plugged the tub, even fetched the toys Luke wanted.  He stopped by one last time to check on him before settling into a TV show.  On his way down the stairs, he was beaming as he said, "I sure like helping Luke.  It's fun!"

I will remember that tomorrow when he protests, "Why do I have to do everything?"

I love being their mom.

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Tina... said...

You have sweet boys! Love to hear the funny things they say! :)