Thursday, January 5, 2012

For the record

This occurred to me this morning, and I don't want to forget it.

Annual physicals were required under our old health insurance (for a lower deductible), so at the beginning of every year - for ten years - I'd go in for the delightful weigh-in, blood draw, and medical inquisition.

"How about exercise?" asks the kind doctor who must think I just overlooked that on the questionnaire.

An embarrassed shake of the head...  "None.  Unless you count chasing little kids??"

Then two years ago:  "I'm training for my first 5K.  I'm just starting to run, so ... 1-3 miles a couple times a week?"

Then one year ago:  "I got hurt last year.  Runners knee after the 5K, then a pinched nerve, then 5 weeks of physical therapy.  No exercise for the rest of the year.  I'm just starting to run again.  Training for another 5K.  So... 1-3 miles a couple times a week?"

And now.  Well...  I don't think annual physicals are required under our new health insurance, but, let the record reflect that I'm running about ten miles a week.  And I bike on nice days year-round, and I'll swim regularly again over the summer.  And every now and then I do some sit-ups and push-ups.

I'm no longer stationary.

That reminds me of a conversation I had with another mom last summer.  I'd mentioned training for my tri and she replied:  "Good for you.  I'm not a runner at all.  If anything, I guess I'm just a sprinter.  I only run five miles at a time, 2-3 times a week."

So...  If I'm comparing myself to her "not a runner" status, I guess I'm not even a crawler!

Whatever I am, I'll take it.  I'm pleased.  And I'm healthier than I once was.

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