Sunday, January 1, 2012

Here's to 2012

I do not do New Year's Resolutions.  I never have.  But I have a few goals ... and some reminders ... in mind for 2012.  Things that excite me and make me smile.

Eliminate excesses - in all areas of life, but most specifically in the spending of my time and money.  Before saying yes (scheduling or making that purchase) think long and hard, then reconsider.  Is this good, or is this great?  Life is a matter of how we spend our days, and I want to be intentional about spending my days investing in greatness.

Celebrate wildly the completion of my Associates Degree in May.  This wasn't what my sights were originally set on, but I'm tremendously proud and have learned so very much in this journey as a non-traditional student.  With only two classes remaining, my schedule (and what's left of my sanity) thanks me for the lighter work-load and the light quickly approaching at the end of the tunnel!

Be creative.  Write a story.  Take a stab at poetry.  Scrapbook. Sew.  Paint?  Create playdoh sculptures with the kids.  Stretch my imagination and pretend to be a kid again.

Read.  A lot.  I'm shooting for a novel a month, making certain to include several classics.

Run 200 miles.  Bike and swim a lot.  Join Bryan in his first-ever 5K, participate in the OMC Women's Triathlon again, and maybe squeeze in a half marathon in Memphis on December 1.  I would also love to run a 10K charity race this year.

Choose joy over righteousness, grace over judgement, mercy over condemnation.  Be slow to anger and quick to forgive.  Embrace second (and 200th) chances. 

Step out in faith, ask for what I want, fear not the sharing of my heart.

Look for God in everything.

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