Thursday, January 31, 2013

Family skate date

I grew up on ice skates.  Thought I'd compete at the Olympics.

I really wish I had a picture to insert here.  Imagine nine year old me, in my favorite yellow skirt and brand new white Riedell ice skates.

When I asked my students the other day if they knew who Dorothy Hamill was, I was so sad.  They had no clue.  I couldn't stomach it if they didn't know Scott Hamilton, so I dropped the subject.  As I googled his name and caught his birth date out of the corner of my eye, I realize how much I've just aged myself.

But they were legends when I was a kid.  They were the things my little girl dreams were made of.

I still fancy myself a skater.  However, I'm sure that in reality I looked like a baby giraffe on unstable legs when I stepped onto the ice last weekend.  Unfortunately, clean figure eights, Salchows and basic spins do not all come back like riding a bike.

Still, we had a blast.

And I have a great imagination.

I totally think I should take skating lessons again.  Clearly my kids need to.



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