Thursday, January 31, 2013

We {heart} Upward

Basketball is in full swing.  This is Luke's first year, Zach's third.

The teams are assigned in such a way that the goal is to produce teams that are balanced in terms of player ability.  From one season to the next, players and coaches are always different.  However, each of the boys has two friends on their team this year.

Luke is playing with Christina B. and Landon P.

He always has his hands up.

Zachary is playing with Benjamin B. (Christina's brother) and Jacob S.

We have been long time friends/neighbors with each of these kids.  It's a blast to get to play together...and carpooling is always a bonus!  Every time we step foot in the gym at Upward, there are countless familiar faces - some dating back more than 25 years.  We love this program and all of our friends there.

We pray before every game.

Luke is quite a player.  He was the first to score for the entire season, for all age groups.  I don't think he'll ever let us forget that. At his second game, he had 6 points.  Not that we're keeping score...

He has given himself a new nickname.  Luke the Nuke.  I told him that he had to actually earn a nickname like that, and he certainly has.

Zachary is adjusting to his new age bracket, 3rd-4th grade.  He's the lower man on the totem pole this season.  The rules are a little different (free throws when fouled within 2 minutes of the period ending), and the kids are taller than they were last year.  He's a great defensive player and is getting his offensive footing.

Both boys' coaches are very encouraging and focused more on character building than on basketball.  We love this.

The locker room time after the game is always special, as each boy receives a "Star of the Game".  So far, Luke has received the Offensive Star and the Christlike Star and Zachary has received the Defensive Star and Sportsmanship Star.

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