Friday, March 1, 2013

Snow much fun...round 2

Our second major snowstorm in less than a week began moving in on Monday evening.  We were told to expect 6-14" of snow, so we weren't surprised to wake up to 6" Tuesday morning.  Actually... We might have been a little surprised that that was all we got...after last week.

This snow was different from the previous week's - much wetter and stuck to the trees.  This is way prettier...but has more potential for power outages, downed trees and collapsed roofs.  We lost a branch on our peach tree, but that was all the damage at our house.

These snow days happened to fall on Bryan's weekend, so we enjoyed some family fun outdoors.

The guys made a cool fort.  They even "painted" it with windshield wiper fluid.

And they threw snowballs.  Really huge snowballs.

And I made a snowman family.  I'd intended to make only the Mr. and Mrs., but I couldn't resist adding kids when Luke asked which one was him.  He's not quite over wanting to marry me...  He said it was okay with him if I only made two, "I'll just be the daddy one."  So, instead of the snowman and wife having a hot date, they are now hanging out on the lawn with their kids.

Bryan even taught Zach how to operate the snow blower.  He was in future-man heaven.

Since school was canceled, we had a mid-week sleepover with a cousin and went sledding the next day.  Sledding - after I ran 7 miles outdoors with Tiffany.  Between running and sledding...I was wiped out. 

The cousins even brought cookies - what a treat!

  Luke could have climbed these mounds of snow all day.  He had a little fort up there.

With mountains of snow piled high all over the city, it's hard to believe that we're heading into spring.

I remember five years ago, I started a new Bible study that met on Thursday nights.  Our first meeting was in mid-March, and every single Thursday night from weeks 2-6, we had to seek shelter because tornado sirens were blaring.  It's really hard to imagine exchanging our boots and bibs for flip flops and shorts seemingly overnight, but it will happen.

This is one wacky, wild and wonderful place to live.

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