Friday, February 22, 2013


We woke up around 6am yesterday to dry ground, with the promise of snowfall that we'd talk about for years to come.

By 7am, white stuff was falling from the sky.

By 7:30, it was accumulating.

Snow was falling at a rate of 2-3" per hour.  Lightning could be seen, thunder heard.  I don't think I've ever seen anything like it before.  The weathermen were calling it thundersnow.  By 9am, it was really piling up on our deck.

It fell constantly, and it fell fast.  A break came in the afternoon, and Jim came over to clear our driveway before Bryan got home from work.  So glad that we went in halvesies with such great friends on a snow blower last summer!

We measured 12" in the driveway.

Snow picked up again as Bryan and his friend started the drive home from work...and night was falling.  Thankfully, the roads in their path had been cleared and pretty much everyone else in the city was already at home - most hadn't even ventured out.  Everything was closed - schools, churches, doctor's offices, restaurants, malls, grocery stores, UPS, even the USPS.  The guys made it home safely and it didn't take nearly as long as I'd expected.

When all was said and done, we got somewhere between 13 and 14 inches of snowfall in under 24 hours.

School was canceled again today, so we had our friend Alex over while her parents went back to work.

We're having a blast.

I overheard bits of a conversation she and Luke were having this morning...

Alex:  So, who's married?
Luke (shrugs his shoulders, not the least bit interested):  I dunno.

I walked back by a few minutes later...

Alex:  It's our anniversary.
Luke:  No, just a vacation.
Alex:  At the beach!  I'm in my bikini.
Luke:  Whatever.  Who cares about bikinis?

I love them.

I'd told Alex's mother not to expect much today, as my house is a mess and I'm completely over well-balanced homemade meals (Luke cried into EVERYTHING I prepared yesterday).  But, I surprised myself.  All of the kids had scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Zach snacked on sliced red pepper and Laughing Cow cheese.  And Alex had a salad (with red onion and tomato) with her lunch!  I did okay in the nutrition department today.

After lunch we played in the snow.

This is about half the mess we made with our snow gear.  But it was totally worth it.

And, I totally brought my A game with the after snow treats - hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies.  Bryan would be proud.  This is his department.

After a fun-filled day with no electronics of any kind...I tucked them into my bed for a movie.  They are enjoying the Wizard of Oz.

So blessed with a warm home, a full fridge, and great friends.

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