Friday, September 20, 2013

Sappy love notes ... thanks, but no

Zach is growing up really fast.  And I'm not just talking about the fact that he'll be in double digits next week and wears a men's small t-shirt, size 14 pants, and size 8.5 shoes, but his personality is getting more manly!  He watches grown-up television, takes notes in grown-up church, obsesses over ball games and sports statistics, and often hangs with the adults while the "little kids" play around us.

And... He's now embarrassed by notes Mom sends to school!  I guess they're for little kids.

Since he doesn't want grandiose love notes scrawled on banana peels or encouraging Bible verses Sharpied onto his sandwich baggies anymore, I've moved on to another approach.  Jokes, trivia or little announcements that he'd get excited about...tucked discreetly on post-its in his snack or lunch bag.

We'll see.  I sent one today.  Hope it makes him happy to know that Mom thinks about him when he's gone, but is trying to grow with him.  Darned kid (er, future man), outgrowing mushy Mom.

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