Saturday, June 15, 2013

VBS in pictures

This was my third year teaching Zach's class at VBS.  There are about 110 kids in his grade, and in the past these kids were divided into 4 or 5 classes.  This year, they were divided into two.  I LOVED THE BIGGER CLASS!!  

Having been at the church for 10 years, at the boys' elementary school for 4 years, and being a small group leader in Zach's Sunday school class for the last year, I knew about half of the kids in our class personally.  This was such a blessing!  Having a personal relationship with the kids makes it so much easier to connect with them; to reach them where they're at and grow from there.  And it was an extra special treat to get to hang out with my Sunday school girls for twelve hours in one week.  

I love these kids.

And I love that my husband was able to join us for half of the week.  He has such a heart for these kids, and they love him too.

Incredibly blessed. 

Now...  To figure out how to clone myself so I can teach both of my boys' classes for the next two years.

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