Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Ki-koo fwoot-woop"

I am listening to my boys laugh hysterically over breakfast (fruit loops)... They are repeatedly saying, "ki-koo fwoot-woop" in the highest pitched voices you can imagine. That was little Zach's very first prayer (12 months old - almost 5 years ago). Bryan and I had only starting having real relationships with God after Zach was born, so praying with a small child was something we'd never done before. We prayed at dinner, but that was the extent of it. One night Zach interjected with, "ki-koo fwoot-woop". We determined that he was saying, "Thank you for fruit loops", but we'd never purchased a single box of fruit loops! It was easy to figure out that he'd had fruit loops at church and they must have prayed with him. He'd been learning to pray! We were immediately challenged to step it up and not leave the church to do all the teaching. We'd thought that he was still too young to "get it", but obviously he wasn't. He's been talking to God ever since! These days we simply follow the kids' lead... Leads that have taken us to places we could never have anticipated!

Every single time I pour a bowl of fruit loops, I have a quick flashback to "ki-koo fwoot-woop". We are so very grateful for the amazing children's ministry at our church that has poured not only into our children's lives, but Bryan's and mine as well. They are great partners for us parents!

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The Rutledges..... said...

I loved this!! So cool to see how God uses children to bring adults closer to Him. Absolutely AWESOME...