Friday, June 5, 2009

Bike-a-thon fever!!!

We are five weeks away from the for KIDS by KIDS bike-a-thon. This bike-a-thon was Zachary's idea and we'd honestly expected to have a few of his preschool friends, their siblings, and our boys' cousins out riding bikes and coloring a few pictures with us. But as we told people about the bike-a-thon, they started spreading the word, and then those people spread the word... Today "the event" is being promoted on various websites, by clubs & organizations, on Facebook, via mass emails and by word of mouth. We are so grateful for the enthusiam and support that we have encountered!

Thirty-one people have signed up to bike and we expect more to register as we get closer to July 11th. I asked friends today for entertainment and sponsor ideas, and was overwhelmed by the response. I am reminded of just how awesome people are! I am in awe of their generosity and willingness to help others.

We'd initially planned a simple morning of bike riding, coloring and a small bake sale. We have added face painting and colored hair spray for sure... And we have a good lead on at least one bounce house for the kids to play in. We are working on a tent with misters, or might just do a sprinkler if the misters prove to be too expensive. We would really love a children's musician, but we've yet to come across a friend with connections! We continue to brainstorm and are so excited to see how the event will actually unfold.

So, our simple little event may not be quite so simple... AND WE ARE THRILLED! We want the bike-a-thon to be so much fun that the kids want to come back next year and bring their friends. This is all about raising awareness about these two organizations, reminding parents to have those early discussions with their kids about personal safety, helping grow children's compassion for other children who are not able to live with their families, showing kids that the community cares about kids, and having fun!

We hope that you will join us at the bike-a-thon... July 11, 9am - 10:30am. For safety reasons, I have never specifically said (on the blog) where in the U.S. we live... Real life friends, please forgive me for referring you to my Facebook or email if you need the event location. We really would LOVE to see you there and welcome your assistance if you are interested!

Please register by emailing me, or leaving a comment here or on my facebook. I just need to know how many bikers to plan for. Cost is $5 per biker.

Determining "the track" for the bike-a-thonTaking the loop for a trial run
Luke was tired of biking and preferred to smell the flowers
The loop works!

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