Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kids' bedroom tour

Kelly's Korner is at it again... This time it's Show Us Where You Live Friday (or Tuesday in my case!) - Kids' Bedroom Edition. With our busy schedule, I didn't have a chance to participate in the dining room tour last week. (I don't really understand how I was too busy, as the entire room can be captured in two pictures!)

The kids moved into the same bedroom a few months ago. Zach sleeps on the top bunk; Luke sleeps on the bottom. I asked Zach this morning if he enjoys sharing a room with his brother and he emphatically answered, "YES!" So, I'd say it's going well... I still can't believe four people live in a three bedroom house and we have a bedroom that's not used as a bedroom at all! It's my scrapbooking room.. I will be posting that later! On with the tour...

This is the view from the door. The bunk beds were our first ever Craig's List purchase. We were looking for a full (bottom)/twin (top) bunk bed and found this full (top and bottom!) w/twin trundle and three drawers underneath instead!!! It came complete with all the mattresses & a matching dresser for $350. I found the bedding on walmart.com for about $30 each - BARGAIN!

Their closet is behind the double doors. The bookshelf is packed (was Bryan's as a kid - we painted it red) and there is Jawhawk stuff everywhere! These awesome chairs (one basketball & one baseball) were a splurge from a furniture store. We love them and they will definitely grow with the boys - I think they'll make good video game chairs!

Here's the baseball chair and a cool hat rack that I found at a garage sale for $5 (the base is a baseball and the post is a bat).

We hung a shelf up high for all of their treasures that they don't want broken - pictures, piggy banks, trophies, etc. This dresser was also Bryan's when he was a kid - we painted it. The baskets on top hold diapers & creams that we have almost completely outgrown. Luke is on track to be out of nighttime pull-ups in no time! The pads leaning on the right of the dresser were Bryan's when he umpired baseball... The kids love to wear them! (The door to the right goes down into the attached playroom... pics below!)

Our Jayhawk room was completed with the addition of the KU basketball signed by the team!

View from the top bunk

View from the boys' bedroom window. Our house sits up high enough that we see A LOT of July 4th fireworks from these windows! (We also face a few sports venues that have fireworks all summer long. We also see the occasional fighter jet fly-by and military choppers.)

The upstairs playroom... This room did not exist when we bought the house - it was attic space! Bryan and his dad built the addition when we were pregnant with Zach. This is the view from the doorway. The red table & chairs belonged to Bryan and his sister when they were children. My father-in-law repainted it for us. My father-in-law and I painted Jay on the wall (we used a projector to draw the image).
View from the bottom of the stairs (it's lower than the bedroom - three steps down).

Just being honest... I ran out of paint and haven't had time to finish it! See the artwork hanging on the wall? That's a cool chain thing with clips that my friend gave me. Great way to display all of their papers!

I love all of this storage. I bought these three units from the same garage sale - totaling $9. That far right unit is filled almost entirely with puzzles!
"School"... I came up with this idea as a way to coax Luke out of Zach's preschool without too many tears. He wanted so badly to go to school too! So, this is now where we keep some school materials. Luke and I would come here every day after dropping Zach off, and then on Zach's off days he wanted to do school here too!!

Rock chalk!

Hope you've enjoyed the tour... You're invited over to play anytime!


Cori said...

I love the boys' room! I too have been searching for a twin/full bunkbed on Craig's List and garage sales for almost 2 months. I'm so frustrated that I'm about to go out and buy a new one. NFM has a decent one right now for less than $400, but I so wanted to do this room with bargains.
Love the jayhawks!!!

Heather said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments! My Luke and your Luke sound very much alike:) They rooms are great! Thanks for sharing...

PamperingBeki said...

This looks so great!

The Rutledges..... said...

So I see that you really are BIG KU fans! The rooms are fun!...