Saturday, June 12, 2010

Craft Saturday

Because this woman totally inspires me.  Because the kids and I were home alone and trying to avoid technology.  Because we had all the supplies, and no reason not to.

I looked for an art tutor or art class for the boys last fall.  I am not the least bit creative and I wanted them to be exposed to art.  But, I didn't find anything that really excited me.

Until now!

As long as Meg keeps doing Craft Thursdays with her kids, we'll keep having an at-home weekly art class.  I fully intend to do exactly what Meg does with her kids.  I hope she doesn't mind.

***Update:  I've since reread Meg's post and clicked the link to where she got this fabulous idea.  My goodness!  The awesome things we'll be doing at our house this summer, compliments of Deep Space Sparkle. ***

The kids drew their own drawings in pencil, then sharpie, and then used water colors to paint.  As Luke picked up his pencil he asked what mine was going to look like.  So...  I grabbed another piece of paper and a sharpie of my own.  The kids enjoyed painting mine together as much as anything...  Fun stuff.

Zach's castle...  Complete with vicious animals sitting on ledges, flying bats, an alligator and a shark, and flame-throwing buckets and catapults.

Luke's castle...  Where it rains fire and there's a nice shark and a mouse with a long blue tail.

And my share-castle...  Nestled on a hill, surrounded by a moat.  Painted by my boys and me.


meg duerksen said...

i am loving craft thursday too! so glad you guys are following along. :)

Patty Palmer said...

I just love how Luke encouraged your inner-artists! Looks like the kids had fun. Thanks for the shout-out.

Dawn Sanders said...

Your craft day excites me. I think exposing children to art on a regular basis is really important!