Saturday, June 12, 2010

"Way back when" friends

We've recently had the pleasure of catching up with friends we haven't seen in a long time.  People who knew us way back when.

Two weeks ago, Eric and Kellee called on their way into town to see if we wanted to go to the zoo with them.  Bryan and Eric played two years of college baseball together and have countless baseball and nights-out-on-the town stories to keep them talking for days on end.  Eric and Kellee live an hour away, so we don't see them often - certainly not as often as we'd like!  They'd never met our boys, and we hadn't even seen them since the birth of their daughter - now two years old!  It was great to catch up, and a real treat to see them in Mom and Dad mode.  They're a fun family!

A week later, our family headed out to a parade that we go to every year.  It was at the parade that I ran into a sweet little girlfriend from my childhood.  We were best friends, 3rd-6th grade.  We shared many little girl secrets, had crushes on the same boys, and were forever daydreaming as we sat on Kile's backyard fireplace as children.  We walked home from school together everyday, played on weekends, and were in Girl Scouts together.  I hadn't seen her since my family moved in the 6th grade.  It was wonderful to catch up at the parade and meet her lovely family.  So fun to see her again after all these years and get a little glimpse into her life.  I look forward to a planned get together next time!

Walking in the parade was another childhood friend, Kristin.  She only had a minute to stop, but we were able to hug and say hello.  I hadn't seen her since 5th or 6th grade - we're planning a park playdate soon!

Later that night we enjoyed dinner with the Kobi and Dave.  Kobi was one of my best friends in high school, and Dave was one of Bryan's.  Kobi and Dave dated in high school, but broke up in college...only to get back together right around the time Bryan and I started dating in 2001.  Kobi and I, and Bryan and Dave all lost touch in our 20's.  Dinner on Saturday was the first time the guys had seen each other in close to 15 years, but it was as if we hadn't missed a day.  (Kobi and I had a 7 hour lunch a few months ago.)  There's a rich history among the four of us.  Gymnastics, baseball, school dances, mutual friends, fashion pitfalls, crushes, classes, overnights...pretty much everything experienced between 8th grade and college!  I love the past that we have with these guys, and am thoroughly enjoying adulthood with them too.  We are married with children!  I can't help smiling as I recall the dads playing baseball with their boys that night.  The kids looked like small versions of their fathers...while their fathers looked like grown-up versions of the boys we met in the the late 80s.

 Front row:  Bryan #11, Dave to the left of Bryan

8th grade BFF's:  Kobi, Jenny, Tonya

Thanks to Facebook for these reunions.  I likely would have walked right by Kristin and Kile without recognizing them if we weren't Facebook friends!  We'd know Kobi and Dave anywhere; however, our passing would be far less likely since they live 45 minutes away.  Thanks to Facebook for bringing old friends back together again.

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