Monday, September 27, 2010

The BIG surprise

As the final surprise for Zach's 7th birthday, we took our family's first trip to an amusement park!  The boys surprised us with their bravery and eagerness to ride every ride we offered up.  We had an amazing day and came home completely exhausted.  Next time...we hit the big coasters!

There is something extra special hiding in those first two pictures...  Behind Luke and me are two young boys.  They are the sons of a boy I went to elementary school with.  Their parents are seated in the car in front of Zach and Bryan in the next picture.  Mike Sexton and I met in kindergarten.  I wonder if Zachary will run into one of his kindergarten friends at an amusement park 30+ years from now.  What a fun blessing it was to see Mike again and briefly meet his wife and boys.

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