Thursday, September 23, 2010

I {heart} birthday books...and sweet little friends

Instead of birthday presents, I'd like to suggest that my husband and kids rope all of my friends into making me a "birthday book" for all future birthdays.  They do this in grade school.  Zach's 7th birthday was celebrated with his class today.  His friends made him a GREAT birthday book.  A lot of what they wrote makes me oooh, aww, and laugh out loud.  Who doesn't want that  for their birthday?

Some of the great things in Zach's birthday book:

Today is my birthday!  If I could have anything in the world, I would choose "sume frends and a vary good brthday" - Zach

Dear Zach, If I could give you anything in the world, I would choose:

"I wud giv you a cat, because I like you." - Mason
"I would give you hot wels, because you ar amazing." - Caleb
"I will git him a Dee S Iy and biyenicle, because I like you." - Derek
"I would get you a DS, because you are my friend." - Lauren
"I would get you a bat made out of silver and gold and the color of orange, red, and yellow, because you are my friend." - Katie S.
"I will give you a Minit To Win It theeng, because you invited me to your bierthday." - Evan

Mason, I hope you check with your parents before giving live animals as gifts....but how SWEET that you would want everyone you like to have a cat.  Caleb, I agree - he is amazing.  But what 1st grader refers to their friends as amazing?  Caleb is amazing.  Derek, you are insanely generous.  I'm guessing he doesn't understand the value of a dollar just yet.  Lauren, you are a treasured friend.  Katie S., I love you - the detailed description is AWESOME!  Evan, you know exactly what my boy likes.  All he wants is that Minute to Win It birthday with his buddies.  A Minute to Win It "theeng" would be perfect.

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