Saturday, October 16, 2010

What a gift!

Between life as a wife and mother of two, two Bible studies, my return to school, and home ownership, there is little time for anything else.  The deadlines - and those weeks where every extra thing imaginable happens in the span of a few days - can be overwhelming, but I wouldn't trade it.  I haven't missed anything at my kids' schools - I even took each boy on a separate class field trip and hosted a dozen of Zach's friends for a birthday party over the course of four days!  It was way busier than I like, but still a wonderful time.

I have a full scholarship covering my tuition and books (up to 18 credit hours/semester), and am also a recipient of a Pell Grant, compliments of Bryan's layoff back in January.  Receiving an entirely free college education is very humbling and motivating for me.  I want to honor the gift by doing well. 

I am enjoying each of my classes.  Learning more about and enjoying American Government, PE Strategies, Psychology and Public Speaking more than I'd expected, and continually finding myself tucking random bits of information away for future use.  I am not taking classes just to pass and move on to the next, but for actual enrichment.  This is an entirely different academic approach than I had in the 90's.  I added Anthropology at mid-term (yesterday), and I expect it to be interesting and stretching.

Considering the way I squandered my education the first time around, I just cannot help but feel immensely grateful for this second chance.  It is not financially ideal for Bryan to be out of work (since Jan. 8), but his presence around the house, involvement with the boys, and support and encouragement that he offers me is a gift beyond articulation.  He is such a wonderful husband and father!  Had it not been for his layoff and willingness to take over while I study, my return to school would never have seen the light of day.

My classes themselves have been determined by my major.  I am only taking classes required for my degree in elementary education; however, these classes have provoked passions, ideas and even talents that could serve to take my sexual abuse ministry to new places.  While I am studying to become a teacher, I remain open to other ideas.  Non-profit and abuse prevention and recovery have always been at the top of my interests list.  Will God use what I learn in college - while working toward a degree in elementary education - to do something entirely different?  I do not know, but I eagerly place one foot in front of the other...going wherever He leads.  It is such an exciting time.  Such a precious gift.

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Cori said...

I'm so proud of you....your enthusiasm is just amazing! I know how full your plate is, yet you sound at peace. Awesome. :)