Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zach's journal

Zach got a tiny little superhero spiral as a birthday gift.  He turned it into his journal.  I don't think he'll mind my sharing what he's written.

Zachary Shrader

Page 1:
Friday, Otoder 7th 2010
Towmarow is Saterday, PS: I have a socker game to...

Page 2:
Friday, Otoder 7th 2010
My broter and dad thay are playing Batman, PS: Legoe...

Page 3:
Sunday, Otober 9 2010
Yesterday I went to a frend's house!!!

Last page:
Zach's OLDER MAN'S Jrnile

He's got his dates wrong, there are some spelling and punctuation errors, but the best part is the end.  He told me he would begin writing in the journal again when he's 27 --- when he'll be an OLDER MAN.

Love, love, love him!

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