Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Love My Mom, by Zach

In honor of Mother's Day, the first graders at Zach's school wrote books about their mothers.  Each class had an Author's Party on Monday, allowing each of the children a chance to read their book in front their classmates and their moms.  The books were awesome.  Some of my favorite quotes...  "My mom's favorite TV show is American Idol... and she watches a lot of Fox News."  "My mom shows respect for me by cleaning my room."  "My mom makes me feel good and goofy."  "My mom likes the Yankees, because she really likes to watch Derek Jeter."  Out of the mouths of babes...  Precious!

In very typical Zach style - and a lot like his mother - he uses a lot of adjectives and provides many details about a few things, rather than few details about a lot of things.  He made me laugh as he read about our "peaceful" drives and "graceful" meals, as those are not words I'd use to describe any portion of our daily lives!

And...  Details of Sunday school totally took over the first half of the book.  Since I consider sharing Christ with my boys to be my greatest responsibility, I take this section of the book as a tremendous compliment.  He loves church.  He loves God.  And he loves his "Christian, great mom".

Zach, I couldn't be more proud.  As you read about your church that you love so much, 19 other kids and their parents were listening.  You may never know, but you might have encouraged someone to start going to church!  I am also very proud of how well you have overcome your stage fright.  It took tremendous courage for you to get up there and read in front of an audience.  You did great!!  Daddy and I are so very proud of the young man you are becoming.

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Erin said...

Oh my gosh how cute!!! Not a bad speller either! I loved that story :)