Sunday, May 29, 2011

Moving on

Another school year has come and gone.

As predicted, Luke loved school.  He made a lot of new friends and grew relationships with many children he's known all of his life.  He went on his first ever drop-off playdates and received invitations to friends' birthday parties.  He finished 4 year old preschool able to count into the hundreds, doing very simple math and beginning to read.  The closing program was a real treat, as he is quite enthusiastic when he sings and dances!  He might feign shyness and protest picture taking, but deep down he enjoys the spotlight. 

As we were sitting through the closing program, I knew it was possible that we were saying a final goodbye to this very special school.  We have loved it here.  (I had a job interview nine hours after the program....)  As it turns out, we are leaving.  I will be teaching at a homeschool enrichment center, where Luke will attend as a kindergartner.  We are excited about my new job, but leaving this beloved school and teachers who have become dear friends is bittersweet.

Zachary loved first grade, but that too has come to an end.  A part of Zach would like to skip second grade and just move on to third.  Most of all, he'd just like to hang with his cousin, but I think he'd miss his friends a lot more than he realizes.  Besides, second grade is the natural next step, so it's the one he'll take.  And he'll love it!

The next time we put on "school clothes" we'll be a grade older - and I will be a teacher!  Luke will be 5 and Zach will be approaching his 8th birthday.  Time is flying by...but as I look at these photos I can't help but feel grateful that it's flying by with so many of the same friends we've had for years.

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