Sunday, May 22, 2011

A new era

Aside from his family, Bryan's first love was baseball. 

By the time he was two years old, he was watching entire MLB games with his family.  In t-ball, he was turning triple plays!  His dad coached all of his little league teams.  He played on a highly competitive legion team during the summers in high school; even arriving a week late to college because his legion team was playing in the World Series!  He was on baseball scholarships throughout college and aspired to play in the Majors till a shoulder injury ended his college career his senior year.  Evidently he had a legendary pick-off move to second base.

I'd known Bryan since 8th grade, but somehow I missed the fact that he was a baseball superstar.  I just thought he was a tall, skinny, goofy kid with big ears who could sing!  As I've reconnected with former high school teachers and peers, I've found that everyone remembers Bryan as an awesome ball player.  I wish that I'd known that part of Bryan.  (We'll have to get out those old VHS tapes again.)

So...  Upon hearing those three most perfect words - It's a Boy! - Bryan immediately had visions of baseballs, bats, striped jerseys, scorching bleachers, sweaty ball caps, shining cleats and rubbing shaving cream into a glove.  It was only human to dream of a little baseball player to follow in his footsteps.

He didn't expect soccer.  He had no idea how much he could LOVE and DELIGHT in soccer.  But we do.  Our oldest boy chose soccer and Bryan has never missed a beat coaching his teams and making investments in his boy's soccer ambitions.  Grandpa has always been completely plugged in too, as he's helped coach practice on occasion and has been a constant source of coaching advice for his son. 

As our younger boy is coming of sporting age and figuring out what interests him, a fabulous new era began.  On Saturday, Luke had his first t-ball game.  His first little league colors are the same as his daddy's first college uniform - Grandpa pointed that out.

Luke looks a lot like his mother, but his personality is so much more his father's.  Ornery, quick-witted, hilarious, energetic, athletic, can do anything.  I look forward to watching him on the t-ball field this summer.

I look forward to seeing where the future takes each of my kids.


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