Saturday, June 8, 2013

My sons: "God's Word makes me feel loved."

I love the time we get in the summer.

I love plugging into my family without distraction.

Love.  LOVE.  LOVE!

And I love this book.

It is rocking my world!

It is the perfect companion to my heart's desire to be intentional in all things.

Confession:  I have not read the entire Bible.  Until 10 years ago, I didn't actually know that all those kids' Bible stories I'd heard when young were actually in the Bible, so don't be surprised when I say ... that I didn't know who King Josiah was until yesterday.

That dude was AWESOME.

(2 Kings 22-23...for a more complete picture of his character in spite of his circumstances/influences, back up a couple of chapters to read about his dad and grandpa.)

Today's 5 Conversations chapter was summed up with, "Men like Josiah are not born; they're made.  Yet without an awareness of sin and wrongdoing, a tender and humble response to sin is unlikely.  Our sons are growing up in a culture which the lines between right and wrong are blurred; it becomes easy to sin without a second thought.  As mothers, we must not hesitate to call attention to wrongdoing we witness in our sons' lives - not in an effort to beat them over the head and "guilt" them but rather to encourage them to respond in a manner pleasing to God."

I kid you not, as I was reading these very words, my sons began to misbehave.  (Seriously, it was the first time of the day that I'd had to correct them in any manner!)

As I read, "it becomes easy to sin without a second thought", I could hear them playing with the hose after I'd told them not to.

And, as I finished the part about "calling attention to their wrongdoing", one of my sons lied, "I'm not doing it.  HE IS!"  Although he was the one who turned the hose on and stood there watching and laughing...

I calmly asked them to turn it off and put the hose back, and then to come sit with me when they were done.  They came over, sat down, and looked at me with these huge, hungry eyes and sweet smiles.

I told them the entire story of King Josiah (and his father/grandfather)...and landed on the above quote about godly men not being "born" that way, but rather "made"...and that it's a parents' responsibility to discipline and teach their children.  As I pointed out their sinful behavior - disobeying their mother, and then the one child lying - they were still happily taking it all in!

I am constantly awed by how hungry and eager my kids are for God's Word.  Even when it's a part of discipline!  They never find it dreadfully boring.  Never empty.

I mentioned to them later that they always look so happy and curious when we sit down with the Bible (which, during summer, is every day - at any time throughout the day), and asked them what they are feeling when I ask them to sit with me.   (Often, these conversations will happen in the middle of play.)

"Happy.  Excited.  I love God's Word!"

"Yea, me too!!  It's cool, Mom."

"I really feel loved.  By God and by you.  Thanks, Mom."

Have I mentioned that I really love summer?

Love.  LOVE.  LOVE!

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