Thursday, July 30, 2009

A happy birthday indeed!

Luke had a great birthday. Since the kids are always in on the party planning and cake decorating, the decorations are the big surprise. With each birthday Bryan and I come up with a new way to hang streamers - before long we're going to have to get a new house in order to come up with something new! When the birthday boy comes down, it's like Christmas morning when they see that beautiful tree lit up with gifts all around it...

Here's a picture of Luke on the phone telling his daddy all about the webs, water guns and birthday donuts he's about to have.

As I filled 200+ water balloons in the morning, I let the kids get into the pool. Luke couldn't stop loving on Spiderman - hugs, kisses, and cuddling in his lap!

This is what 200+ water bombs looks like!

Minutes before all of the guests arrive - the cake I spent hours working on was devoured in no time flat!

Our traditional family picture... However, this is the first time we've shot webs and made silly faces!

Luke received a lot of great gifts

Almost done eating cake - sooo ready to get wet!

It would appear that Bryan is chasing after one of the kids with purpose!

Everyone re-loading (again, Bryan appears to be up to no good!)

Boys with water guns - I love the look on Zach's face!

Zach spraying with Spidey's wet web

Luke takes a bucket-o-water as the party wraps up

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