Thursday, July 30, 2009

My sweet treat

This is so cheesy... But, I feel like it is my treat to get to make the kids' cakes every year. I bought Zach's first birthday cake. It was cool looking, but wasn't very tasty at all. Plus, I didn't get the joy of making it. So, the following year his party had a construction theme. I made a cake in the back of a giant dump truck - the cake looked like a mound of dirt! It was easy and really didn't require any skill. The following year he had a Cars party. I made a cake with white icing and then made a road out of crushed oreos (the same thing I did for the dirt the year before), some grass out of green sprinkles and placed real cars on the road - the lines down the middle of the road were from a squeeze tube of icing! Not a lot of skill was required for any of the cakes so far... Then, for his 4th birthday he chose a Cat in the Hat theme. Time to step it up on the cake! I ended up taking a fun cake decorating class with my friend Marci and made a cake in the shape of the cat's Hat. I iced it using the star tip in alternating red & white stripes. So, that was the first of my "more complicated" cakes, and this Spiderman cake is the most complicated one I've made yet. Marci introduced me to an awesome technique for Spiderman. It was very easy, once I figured out how long to freeze for, not to touch the frozen icing with my bare hands (made it thaw immediately!) and how to pull the wax paper off. Everyone loved this cake! I'm still not good at free-hand drawing yet, which is why the webs and text are not spectacular (Spiderman pun intended). Perfection will come through practice and I only have two kids - which means I only make a couple of cakes per year!

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Desiree said...

Your cake looks wonderful and your boys are so lucky to have such an awesome mom.

I wanted to say how absolutely touched I am by your amazing generosity. Here you are, a perfect stranger extending your hand to me and I am without words to express how thankful I am.

I totally started tearing up when I read your comment and I'm so absolutely, completely humbled by your offer. We have paused our wedding planning momentarily as I try to figure out what steps to take next - do we wait until he and I have the money, can I be okay with the courthouse, do we want to give ourselves time to explore options??

Honestly, it's more than I want to think about right now so I'm just going to take some quiet time to reflect and gain some peace over the whole thing, you know?

I will absolutely keep you posted on what we decide but whatever it is, please know that you have warmed my heart so completely with your kind, kind offer.

And since no one who leaves this long a comment on someone's blog can be considered a stranger, may I say it's very nice to meet you! :-)