Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Zach's journal

Zach started learning to read as soon as he slipped his first pair of glasses on last fall. Writing is another story... It's a lot harder to put the letters together than it is to sound out ones already on a page. When he spells a word, we frequently joke that he's qualified to text. For instance, he spells remember RMBR. As I went into the garage to dump the vacuum canister a few minutes ago, I heard him at the kitchen table writing a "journal entry" about his day. (Since spelling is such a pain and takes forever, he was just scribbling "words".) His scribbles read:

"Luke is obsessed with Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaur Happy Meal toys. He is right there, sitting across from me, playing with them this very minute. Sometimes Luke is hurtful, and that upsets me. I like snakes. They are creatures; sorta like frogs, icky, yucky and some could be poisonous. They are reptiles. Jaxon is my friend from school and I miss him since he moved. I liked him in school. He is very, very silly and a lot of fun. Sometimes I even told Jaxon I loved him. There are a lot of different kinds of weather in the world. We have wind, snow and rain. I hope it doesn't storm tonight. I really want to go to the pool."

You can see that his thoughts ramble... Maybe an official journal would make a good birthday gift in September.

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