Sunday, July 5, 2009

Prayers please

The bike-a-thon is only six days away... I have a friend who is a freelance writer and, bless her heart, she contacted some of the local news outlets to let them know about the bike-a-thon. This afternoon a writer for our city paper called and requested an interview with our family. Initially we were very hesitant, but decided to accepted her generous offer in hopes that it will bring attention to the event and to the wonderful organizations that serve the needs of children in our community and throughout the state. Our fear is that it will merely draw attention to ourselves and look completely obnoxious!

Our meeting with the writer is tomorrow afternoon and the piece will run in the paper this Wednesday. We would covet your prayers for this meeting; that our discussion will highlight the needs of children, the agencies that meet those needs, and also the ability of even the youngest person to help another.

We also ask that you pray for the event itself. As people who'd initially registered to bike have had to withdraw, we are praying that many others will turn out for the event and that a great deal of awareness and money will be raised.

Thank you, friends, for your continued prayers and support. There are no words to describe how proud Bryan and I are of our children. They are such compassionate and generous little boys. And so many of you have dug deep into your own pockets (and schedules!) to support this bike-a-thon. We are humbled and awed by you! We have so many incredible friends and for that we are deeply grateful. We love you!

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