Friday, March 19, 2010

Fly-by spring break

We had a great spring break...  It was cool and rainy for the first several days, then warm and sunny for two days, and now it's raining again, turning to snow in the coming hours.  Up to 8" of snow, they say!

Despite the dreary weather at the start and finish of our break, we've had a great time.

We visited three children's museums - enjoying a lot of pretend play, art and the Fee Fi Fo Fum traveling exhibit.

We went to the Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank and checked out an art museum!

And the Rockets had the season's first soccer practice over spring break.  Our season opener was scheduled for tomorrow, but we don't play soccer in the snow.  Here's looking at June soccer - ha!

The kids also had a sleepover at Grandpa's one night.  Phew!! 

We've had a wonderful time, but I think Zach is looking forward to getting back to school - specifically his friends and art class!  After one fun week of spring break, I'm looking forward to summer vacation!  It will be here before we know it.  The question is --- will pool weather? 

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