Monday, March 8, 2010

A head-spinning day

Wow.  We have been staying pretty busy lately, but today takes the cake.

Today's paper was our first day solo.  We are now your friendly neighborhood Paper Boy and Girl!  Because we had a packed day today, Bryan ran the route by himself.  He did great!

He rested this morning while I bathed the kids and myself, and got everyone dressed and well-fed bright and early.

By 9am, the boys were playing out back...without jackets again.

Luke had to be at the doctor at 10:45, so this meant Zach needed to be completely ready for school before we left.  There was no way I could get back home in time for afternoon kindergarten, so Bryan took care of Zach's lunch, carpooling, etc.

Luke and I took off at 10:15 for the pediatrician.  Two hours later, we were headed straight to Children's for labs and x-rays.  Not a cancer scare this time, but something equally complicated.  Luke was awesome at the doctor's office and the hospital.  I praise God for this child, who is so fun and spirited, and brave, and surprisingly cooperative.  We were not in the most desirable of locations, but it was a lovely date-of-sorts.  He has a precious smile and I enjoyed playing on his level.  He carries a lot of stuff in that backpack of his!

We got out of the hospital much quicker than I'd expected, so I was able to drive him all the way back home --- leaving 45 minutes before I had to head out to my own doctors appointment... Just across the interstate from the hospital!

My mind was racing with to-dos on the way to my appointment, so much so that I missed my ramp onto the interstate!  I didn't notice for several minutes, and by then I was halfway to Luke's doctor's office and now committed to an entirely different route to my doctor.  And...  As it turns out, there was construction all over the new route, delaying me even more.  Praise God I'd left my house with an extra 15 minutes to get there!  At one point I was sitting still on the interstate....  I made it to my appointment without a single minute to spare.

My appointment went well; although I'll have to see my GP now for further tests, etc.  I was none-too-pleased when I saw that I'd gained a couple of pounds since my visit last summer.  The doctor suggested that I cut carbs out of my diet, so...  I threw away a bag of potatoes when I got home!  (But ate a small handful of Reece's Pieces.) 

I returned home a few minutes before the guys returned from afternoon carloop.  We immediately started on dinner...  Grilled chicken breasts.  And, you guessed it...  We ran out of gas midway through grilling!  Cue Bryan racing to the store to exchange our empty gas tank for a full one.  With doctor's orders in mind, I loaded our dinner plates with green veggies.  Surprisingly, our boys actually ate the green beans and asparagus!  Miracles do happen.

Today, I also signed myself up for a 5K.  I went running for the first time in eight!  And in five weeks I will be running a 5K.  This all started with a high school friend who lives 3 states away posting her various runs on Facebook...  We were having a, you know, very private Facebook conversation about it, which led to a guy from high school suggesting I run in this 5K.  So, I enlisted a girlfriend who'd previously offered to help me run, and we're now doing the 5K together.  Thanks, Jenny.  I hope you won't have to drag me across the finish line.

The for KIDS by KIDS bike-a-thon is also rapidly approaching, so I spent some time communicating with area schools, and drafting a flyer and sponsorship letters that we will be sending to area businesses.  May 8th will be here before we know it!  Fundraising is not quite as fun as event planning.  Necessary though.

Did I mention that I lost my voice on Saturday?  Gone!  But, duty calls...  Imagine being on the receiving end of my phone calls right now!  Or the poor doctors who had to lean in to hear me.  ha!

And, somehow, I managed to clean the kitchen, run the dishwasher, do two loads of laundry, straighten up the family room and sort the boys' laundry.

Phew...  I checked tomorrow's schedule.  It's a much slower day!

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Jenny said...

I have only been up for 2 and a half hours and I am ready for bed after just READING your blog! Geez, girl, hope you can take it easy today.