Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another very merry Christmas

Gifts?  As the kids get older, Christmas gifts change.  No more bulky musical toys...  Now it's Lego's, Bionicles, Nerf guns, books, board games and Wii games. 

A White Christmas?  Last year we had something like 8" of snow begin falling on Christmas Eve.  This year we have not yet had enough snow to coat our grass with the thinnest layer...

Parties?  We had a lot of company to celebrate Christmas this year.  We had a party with two other families the Saturday after Thanksgiving, had my mom, sister and her family over on Dec. 22, and had our traditional time with my husband's family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We had a wonderful time celebrating with so many loved ones.

Favorite moments?  Decorating the cake with Luke.  Bryan and Zach wrapping gifts together.  Christmas shopping - alone with Bryan - while the Millers kept the boys overnight.  The boys making crafts while singing Christmas carols.  Hearing Zachary sing "All I want for Cwissmas is my four fwont teeff" (exaggerating the missing-teeth-lisp).  Wrapping Angel Tree gifts with my women's Bible study.  Taking more than two hours to get through the Longview Lake lights with only laughter and singing to keep us entertained - no movies, no complaints.  Our better-than-Rockwell night.  The Christmas menu filled with recipes from friends.


The count-down to next Christmas?  Started at bedtime on Dec. 26th.

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