Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas tradition

I can remember taking trips to see these lights when I was a kid; never missing a lighting ceremony as a teenager/young adult.  I even lived down here in college and could see these lights from my bedroom window.

I have always loved it, but I had no idea that this is special.  Not every American city has such a spectacular display or lighting tradition.  This is still hard for me to fathom.

Bryan is not at all a fan of crowds, or cold, or walking aimlessly, or shopping, or contrived traditions; however, he indulges me this every year.  And he lets me point out every house that I love and tell stories about any and everything that holds a special memory for me - these stories are not new to anyone.  This year, he stepped it way up - giving Norman Rockwell a run for his money.  He packed hot chocolate and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  We found a spot near a fountain and enjoyed our chocolately treats while listening to a high school band on one corner and a gentleman playing a tuba on the opposite corner.  We went into all sorts of shops, talked to complete strangers, and held hands a lot - often all four of us in one long line.


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