Sunday, February 13, 2011

Date night

Our friends invited us out on a double date this weekend.  We hardly ever date, let alone double date.  The plan was to have dinner out at a trendy Mexican restaurant of Sandra's choosing, then we were to meet some of her family out at another restaurant for a birthday party and some dancing.  Sandra and Daniel are from large Mexican families and it seems that someone is always celebrating something.  I think I've figured out why...  It might have to do with the fact that it was her sister-in-law's SISTER's birthday!  Sandra and Daniel combined have thirteen siblings, all of which are married, bringing the grand total of extended siblings to thirty...and they're celebrating a sister-in-law's sibling's birthday?!  How awesome.

Anyway...  The restaurant was a little trendier than we were expecting.  We were unaware that our restaurant of choice had just been on PBS's Check, Please the night before!  It was packed.  We waited two hours for a table!  We had a blast though.  You just can't beat great food and laughter with great friends.

After dinner we were running way behind schedule.  We met Sandra's family at another Mexican restaurant down the street; only to find that they were closing in 30 minutes!  We laughed and chatted with her family and friends...and found some crazy Mexican music rolling out another restaurant's doors, so we danced a little on the sidewalk.  The dancing wasn't a total loss...  Next time - real dancing, guys!!

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