Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nursery Time in Song and Rhyme

Zachary, you have come along way since Easter 2008.  Dad and I took you to a Sunday church service when your preschool class was performing a couple of songs, but you wouldn't get off your teacher's lap.  The rest of the class sang and danced while you sat (with your back to the audience) with your hands over your ears.  The following fall, I was moved to tears when you actually did get up with your classmates and sang at the Thanksgiving feast.  I can still remember how proud you were to do the Turkey Tango.  In our year and a half in preschool, we never did go back to one of their Sunday services to sing in church - a crowd larger than your class was just a terrifying prospect.  We weren't sure how you would do at your Pre-K year-end program, but you were awesome.  Kindergarten didn't bring with it a performance of any kind...  So first grade presented your first ever all-school assembly and evening program - Nursery Time in Song and Rhyme.  With hundreds of people in the audience, you rocked both performances.  You had such confidence that you even told me that it was unnecessary for me to come to the all-school assembly to cheer you on and take video.  Your exact words:  "I've got it, Mom.  There's no reason for you to come watch us sing the same songs twice."  And with that, you took off for school and your big debut.

We could not be more proud of how much you've grown up, taken risks, ventured out on your own, and tried new things.  We are constantly in awe of what a remarkable young man you are becoming.  We love you!

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