Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy 8th birthday, Zach!

All that Zach wanted for his 8th birthday were Bionicles and a sleepover with his best friends.  We invited the friends...they brought the Bionicles!

He's been buddies with Will since preschool, and all the other boys since kindergarten.  They are such great friends.

Zach, a man who can say he has ONE best friend is a very blessed man.  What does that say about the young boy with SIX best friends?  (Caleb was so sorry that he had to go to Florida to help his grandparents celebrate their 50th anniversary.)

And Dad and I totally LOVED that you got to take your friends to church with you on Sunday morning.  We know what a gift that was to you.  We've never known another child who cared so much about his friends' spiritual lives.  You are an amazing boy.

Enjoy EIGHT.  We love you so very much and cannot wait to see what God has in store for this next year of your life.


Did I mention that he played goalie for the first time EVER on his birthday?  His team won 4-3, and Zach only gave up one goal.  He had a GREAT birthday!!  And he's the best looking goalie I've ever laid my eyes on.

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