Saturday, September 17, 2011

I can do this

Just a quick note to say...  I'm growing.  and.  I can do this.

I don't like busy.  I don't like over-scheduled.  I don't like constantly being on the go.  I don't like having to be somewhere every morning.  I don't like time-sensitive pressures.

I like slow.  I like my jammies.  I like lazy days.

But this past year of busyness - of being back in school with two kids who are also in school, of having a house to keep up, sports a few days a week, a 5K and a triathlon that I spent months training for, a ministry to run, small groups to attend, studies to read, teen girls to mentor, and now teaching - just typing that makes me want a nap, but having done it over the last year I know I can keep doing it.

I was snippy this afternoon when Bryan suggested we run errands after a soccer game.  "I have studying to do."  As in...Don't you know that I have a BUSY life?  I have no time for a field trip to different stores with the family.  In-and-out, MAN, in-and-out!!!  He didn't argue...  But he did suggest we stop by the 100 Nights Shack for a few minutes after Luke's late soccer game.  We ended up staying for two hours!  I still had all that same studying to do, but somehow sitting around the firepit with friends was worth the risk of not getting the work done on time.  Especially when our family huddled in a circle before leaving so our friend Schaun could pray for us - by name, specifically, beautifully, with such passion and faith.  I kinda want to go back now just for that moment...

And...  Of course, I did get my work done.

All that snippiness over the stress of having a lot to do.  I'm learning.  There are enough hours in the day.  I can do this.

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