Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The other day I was using a long list of synonyms to describe something. Zach blurted out, "That's reduntant!" Yes, yes it was...

A lot of parents have made the decision to not allow their children to watch TV. We try to limit it, but that has pretty much been reduced to limiting WHAT they watch and WHAT TIME they watch. For instance, no movies, computer or video games before school. They are allowed two PBS or Noggin shows on school mornings. We are more generous with TV time on non-school days - but still limited almost exclusively to PBS or Noggin... Our favorite these days is WordGirl. By day, her name is Becky. She's a little girl with a mom, dad, little brother and a pet monkey. By night (or whenever she's needed) she changes into the superhero WordGirl and her monkey becomes her sidekick. She teaches people about manners, fairness, correct grammar, vocabulary, and even fights some crime. Every 30 minute showing is comprised of two 15 minutes episodes, each featuring two words to listen for. This is where my boys have picked up words like "redundant", "oodles", "constant", nuisance", "troublesome" and "trustworthy".

Not all shows are created equal... We think that WordGirl is superior to many others! If you haven't seen it, it comes highly recommend by the Shrader crew.

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