Friday, January 8, 2010

Crazy... I think not!

Bryan thought it was a crazy idea.

I mean... Four inches of new snow blowing around on a very windy day. A high of 5 degrees. Slick streets, many not even plowed once! A parking lot that was not plowed. And... Adding to his reasons of crazy -- we arrived only to find that their furnace was broken!

Still.. Why not go ice skating?! By the time we found out about the furnace, we were already there and at least two of us thought it was an excellent idea.

I'll let you guess who.

Luke's first time on the ice.
All done. I wonder what he's saying with that one finger... "I'm number one!" "Mom, your idea was tops!" "I will only skate once. In my life!!"
While I helped Luke, Bryan stayed close to Zach. He was prepared to catch him if needed.
And then it was Mom's turn to skate with Zach...
I tried to keep him up, but just couldn't catch him this time. He doesn't look like he thinks it's as funny as I do.
But he got up and went right back to it...
Zach prefers ice skating to roller skating and wishes they'd have school parties here.
He also thinks that more teachers should come. "That would be awesome!!"
He thinks that if we practiced 100 times, we'd be as good as this lady who was there that has her own skates and can spin and jump. The competitor in me (there's a tiny one) combined with the little girl who grew up on ice totally thinks this might be doable!
Adoring fans.
I think he's happy to be getting those skates off.

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