Wednesday, January 6, 2010

An update and a little humor

Getting Luke to stay in his bed at night is proving to be easier with every passing day. He cried a lot on the first and second nights, but things have been peaceful for the last three nights! He still gets out of bed, but I've been able to take him by the hand, walk him back to his bed, tuck him back in, and leave without protest. He's been sleeping much better and our evenings have been soooo much more pleasant -- little to no Crabby Luke!

I am beginning to believe that sleep-filled nights are in my near future. Can it be?

His sticker calendar is a seriously fun incentive for him, but he adores his new blanket.

So does Mary, Mother of Jesus.

Today I found this as my morning dose of amusement...

Our boys found a way to incorporate light sabers and a sword in their Team GeoTrax fun. We used to be a no-weapons house... but it seems to just be a way of life with little boys!


Jenny said...

Cute, cute, cute picture of Luke! I fought the weapons thing, too, but it was a losing battle. I am still saying no to drums! (I saw them in the background of your picture you brave lady!)

Tonya said...

Jenny, the drums are AWESOME!!! I firmly believe they are a part of what makes our house the place friends want to be! Get a set!! Everyone loves them... and we tune the drumming out just like every other noise! And, I've gotta say, their little concerts are THE BEST!