Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me Monday!

I don't usually participate in MckMama's Not Me Monday carnival, but my kids think it's funny... and I have a few things that I did not do in the last week or so.

I did not stay in my pajamas for two days... more than once since Christmas!

I did not steal my husband's side of the bed for two nights, insisting that he get up with our 3 year old in the wee-hours of the morning. (Mine is the side he comes to by default.) I also did not kick my husband one of those nights when he wasn't responding to said 3 year old!

I did not buy clearance Christmas ornaments after Christmas and continue decorating the tree. Not because we were having a few friends over for New Years and I wanted the tree to be oh-so-beautiful. Then I did not consider keeping the tree up another week just to enjoy it's gorgeous glow in the family room.

My husband did not walk in to find me surfing a certain website, watching a tutorial on how to make the very thing he made me for Christmas... The gift that I honestly did not know about, as it hasn't arrived yet! He did not then feel forced to tell me about the gift, for fear that I'd make this very personalized, non-refundable, not inexpensive gift for myself! So... Basically, I did not ruin my post-Christmas surprise. The very surprise that I can barely go an hour without thinking about now! What is taking the US Postal Service (or whomever) so long to get it here?!

I am not currently fighting the urge to surf every website that makes these things to daydream more vividly about what mine will look like. Oh... Please hurry and get here, you precious, amazing, wonderful, thoughtful, time consuming, so super perfect-for-me gift!

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Pixel Perfect said...

Hi! I'm reading through the "not me mondays" I too did not stay in my pajamas more than once last week. :) (I'm glad i'm not the only one) Have a great week!