Friday, February 12, 2010

The case of the loose tooth

As Zach's classroom Valentine's Day party (Tuesday) was winding down, Zachary bit into a piece of hard candy.  It hurt!  His tooth was getting looser and looser every day.  Bryan took Zach to the restroom to see if they could pull it, but it wasn't quite ready.

We spent the next four hours moving that tooth all around.  Occasionally trying to pull it...

Around 8 o'clock that night, Zach asked if he could go next door for a loose tooth consultation with Miss Melissa.  Melissa was happy to oblige.  She said he was getting very close, but it might be another 2-3 days before it would fall out.

Wednesday was spent much like Tuesday night was...  Moving that tooth all over the place!.

After the boys were tucked into bed that night, Zach called his dad back...  "This better be good..."  And it was!  Zach's tooth was sticking straight out, so he asked if he could get out of bed and try to pull it.


Zachary lost his first tooth!

He immediately asked if he could go next door to show Miss Melissa.  Again, she obliged.

Calls were made to NaNa, Aunt and Grandpa that night.  And an email was sent to Mrs. H.  (Yes, it was a way late bedtime by the time all was said and done!)

The tooth fairy came to visit overnight, and Grandpa came over in the morning to see Zach's toothless smile!

It's no longer the case of the very loose tooth.... but the tooth that fell out!

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Susan said...

Zach and Lauren match now. She just lost hers 2 weeks ago but was not very excited at first. She cried during lunch saying it felt weird and she didn't like it. What she did like was the cash from the Tooth Fairy and going to Build a Bear to spend it!