Sunday, February 28, 2010

Second chances

We were friends...  Then ministry co-leaders.  Then, not such great friends.

We didn't see eye-to-eye when we were leading our MOPS group of 100 women, including a leadership team of 14 women.  All those ideas and personalities...  Jennifer and I didn't really know how to do it together.  When the MOPS year ended, we cleaned up after our last meeting and said our goodbyes.  She'd moved to a different church campus by then, so suddenly we were only seeing each other in passing at a handful of events each year.  There was the occasional email, too.

Today, our relationship is completely healed and she is truly one of my greatest cheerleaders.  A dear friend.  Someone I know I can count on always.  I'm so glad that Jennifer and I didn't give up on our friendship just because things got messy there for a while.

When I see Jennifer, I can't help but hold her hand or squeeze her tightly and say, "I still can't believe we're friends!"  You see...  Before Jennifer, I'd never had a friend that I fought with, made up with, and then picked right back up where we left off.  I'm so blessed by this second chance with her.  Love you, Jen!  Thanks for letting me grow into a better friend.

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Anonymous said...

God is so great.... He is right in the middle of our relationship, teaching us the joy of forgiveness and love. The best kind of friendship is the kind that has been through thick and thin. We now know each other so much better. Now we laugh with each other because of a love that is growing out of those hard times. I have many girlfriends, but my 'girl' friend relationship with Tonya is on it's own level and it makes me laugh, then smile. We have both grown in God so much since those days in MOPS. Praise God! It is scary to think we were leading.... :) And it is a joy to see God work through Tonya to touch so many lives. She is basking in God's love and blossoming more each day. Love you too, Jennifer