Saturday, February 20, 2010

Celebrate good times

Feb. 9 - Kindergarten Valentine's Day Party.  Look who was able to make it!

The very next day - Zach lost his first tooth!

Feb. 12 - we took the boys  to see "Nate the Great" - their first ever live production.

Feb 14 - Our traditional Valentine's Day trek to Krispy Kreme.  Luke was still feeling puny but was easily able to channel his inner-goofball.

Feb. 17 - The 100th Day of Kindergarten Celebration.  I thoroughly enjoyed talking to the kids about community service, counting the non-perishable items the kindergartners collected for a local food bank, and helping them graph a portion of it.  (Bryan ran the 100 dollar bill station, but I don't have a picture.)

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