Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back to school

This semester has either gotten off to a slow start, or I'm not as fazed by it as I was this time last semester, or I've missed some deadlines...  Eight days in and I don't feel rushed.  I am only taking four classes this time - last semester I had five.  And my on-campus class is one night a week - as opposed to two mornings a week - and was canceled last week due to snow.

What am I taking on campus?  Fundamentals of Music.  I will learn to read and write basic music and play piano - at thirty-six!  I'm actually really excited.

So far I'm having fun.  Cultural Geography, Online Biology (the kids get to watch while I do my labs at home), Mass Communications (will hopefully help me to grow my ministry), and Music.

Bryan is also back at work this go-'round.  So during the day it's just Luke, my studies and me.

Life is great!

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