Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Church? What church?

As we sat at a stoplight yesterday, I asked Zachary if he remembered our MOPS days.  Regrettably, he does not.  I asked him if he remembered all the mornings that he went into church childcare while I went to Bible study, and he doesn't remember that either.  All those days I volunteered?  Nope.

We practically lived at church the first 5 1/2 years of his life.  Anytime we'd pass the church, he'd point at "his church" and tell us how it was his favorite place on earth.  He'd tell me Bible stories every afternoon after having been at church, he'd sing "church songs" all day, and he'd hang all of his church art and Bible verses on his playroom wall.  But it's the last two years that he really remembers.  Sadly...  With all of Bryan's night shifts, outgrowing MOPS, transitioning to evening Bible studies, and the advent of online church, my son barely remembers being on our church campus.  What he does remember, he loves and misses.  Our church has an outstanding children's ministry.

I texted Bryan as soon as I was done driving, telling him how royally we are messing up and that we need to get back into church immediately.  He agrees.  It is not enough for us to watch the service on our computer screen while the kids play in the basement.  Not enough to go to a couples small group while the kids gather in the basement for a movie with a babysitter.  It may be marginally enough to keep Bryan and me connected to the body of Christ, but it is certainly not enough for our children.

We will be back this Sunday; no excuses.

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Jenny said...

I am with you 100%! We have been REALLY bad about making it to church on the weekends lately and we really have the most pathetic excuses. I justify it in my mind that Ryan and I go to church with school every Friday but I need to do more than that for the other kids in the house as well as for me. That is actually one thing I want to work on most this year! Good luck!