Saturday, January 15, 2011

The right thing

Standards are often different for the first child than for the last, especially if there are several children in between.  At age four, Zach didn't play many video games and his favorite TV shows were on PBS.  Since Luke has an older brother...he's been exposed to "older" things, including a whole host of Wii games, Noggin, Star Wars, and superheroes.  We almost never watch PBS anymore.

We draw the line though at Nickelodeon shows, many PG rated movies and snotty, back-talking books.  Our children do not own Nintendo DS systems or have their own iPods.  At age seven, Zach can live without such things.  And...  The moment Zach gets one, Luke will want one too.  So...  For now we will wait.

Our kids know the limits and our expectations.

Yesterday Zach was at a friend's house when his friend wanted to play a video game that Zach didn't think would be acceptable.  I don't think he'd ever even heard of the game before, but based on the name and box cover, it looked to him like something Mom and Dad would not approve of.  His friend is the youngest of three - one of which is a teenager.  Given that whole different standards thing, his family has just gotten ahead of us in some areas...

Zach asked his friend to put something else in, but the friend insisted.  Zach then rose to his feet, took a deep breath, puffed his chest out a little, and firmly yet respectfully told his friend that he thought they should pick another game.  The friend's mom was so proud, she called me to tell me about it!

I am so impressed by our boy.  In the face of temptation and peer pressure, knowing that he was not being watched and that we'd probably never even know if he snuck it, he chose to do the right thing.

Way to go, Zach.  You are a trustworthy young man.  We are so proud of you!

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