Sunday, February 10, 2013

Basketball videos

I am using today (Thursday, Feb. 14) to catch up on...and back posts.  However, I'm finding that I really should have written this one last weekend, as I've completely forgotten anything that I'd wanted to say.

Oh well.

More than anything, I wanted to share some video of the boys playing basketball since none of our family was able to make it to their games.  And, since I'm so savvy with my smart phone and YouTube these days.  Ha!

My mom came to one of Zach's games last year.  It was the only time she'd ever seen him play basketball.  She really loved all the fanfare that Upward puts into introductions.  Now I'm reminded of her every time the lights dim and the music starts.

Just like last week, I managed to catch one of Luke's baskets on video.  This time I did not accidentally delete it.  Luke had 4 points.

He's a mile away from making this basket, but you've got to admire the effort.

And here he is on both offense and defense.

And, again this week, Zach's team only had 5 players.  No subs, so everyone played the entire game.  These guys never quit!

Zach had 4 points for the game.  And a lot of great blocks, and five shots that almost went in.  And...  When we got home, we realized that he had a fever of 102.  He felt so miserable that he put himself to bed early.  Monday he was diagnosed with strep throat and influenza, so I'd say he had a Michael Jordan game on Saturday.

I really love his jump at the very end of the video.  Happy kid.

And our buddy Benjamin had a basket too.  We've known Benjamin since preschool.

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