Saturday, February 2, 2013

Friday night at the Comets

Bryan and I have a longstanding history with the Comets.  We bought our first season tickets when we were dating, 2001-2002.  They were undefeated...until the playoffs.  Naturally, we had to come back the following season to see if they could take the Championship.  The season after that found us with a newborn at home, so we opted to only purchase half-season tickets.  From then on, we've just attended a game here or there.

I think professional indoor soccer is my favorite sport to watch in person.

I'm pretty sure I lost cool points with Bryan when I told him that last night.

But, the arena is small, so every seat is a good seat.  It's fast paced and often high scoring.  The crowd is energized, but you can still talk to the person sitting next to you.

Here was my view last night.  Luke had his arm around his brother much of the night.  And there were lots of high fives.

I love KU basketball, but we sit in the corner, in the last row...and the noise is deafening.  I'm not complaining, just saying.

And Big Jay and Baby Jay made an appearance last night!  There was no MU Tiger in the house.

Now, obviously, the Comets do not have near the fan appeal as our Jayhawks.  So, they have to try a little harder to lure people out to games.  Cheap hotdogs, nachos and sodas...and last night was Mascot Night.  That explains the Jayhawks being an hour and a half away from home.

Look who else we ran into!

And we won the game, 12-11.  It was a blast.

(Why is that storm trooper aiming his weapon at me?  What did I ever do to him?)

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