Friday, February 8, 2013

International Festival

Perhaps the biggest school project for Zachary this year has been the International Festival.  He had to research his family ancestry, choose a country that his family is from, research that country, write a persuasive paper on why a person should visit that country, read his essay aloud to his class, create a costume that would reflect that country, make a poster and tissue paper flag for his country, and bring a food item from that country to share with the entire grade.  Additionally, students learned several songs from around the world, and performed them for their entire school...including instruments and dancing!

It was an enormous undertaking.  It took a couple of months of preparation - in both his regular class and music.  I'm constantly awed by the excitement, energy and commitment his teachers have for their kids.

With a name like ours, you've got to be German, right?

When I suggested Lederhosen, he wanted to die.  His idea was a t-shirt with the German flag sewn on it.  As it turned out, we found a brand new yellow t-shirt with tags still on at the Goodwill for $2.99.  And I picked up fabric squares at Walmart for $.89/each.  Easy enough.

For food, we settled on Windbeutel (German cream puffs).  We had every intention to make them, but Luke came down with the flu and time got away from me.  Instead, I bought them at Target in the freezer section.  Of course, the box said BELGIAN Cream Puffs in a huge flashing neon print, so I ditched the box and we passed them off as German.  As Zach said, "They're neighbors.  Close enough."

The music program was adorable.  Zach led the entire 3rd grade in the costume parade around the gym.  (Yes, I'm aware that the photo quality is terrible.)

"Sasha!  Sasha!" was a really great number.  So fun!

And Zach was awesome on the drums in "Kumbaya".

The International Festival was a huge success.  Such a great learning experience for everyone.  We are truly blessed by our school.

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