Friday, April 17, 2009

An abundance of friends

I am simply exhausted right now. I spent the afternoon helping in Zach's class and the evening at a fundraiser event for his school at a local children's museum. It was a really wonderful day.

The kids in class are always a blast. They kept Miss Tonya busy in the block area; building one skyscraper after another. I'm afraid I may be getting pigeon-holed in that job... This was not the first time the teachers have enjoyed watching the kids and me get out every single wooden block and create impressive architectural masterpieces.

Tonight was especially wonderful, as we rarely get to see all of our preschool friends at one time. There is only one other friend in our class this year that we had last year, so it's always great to see the old classmates and reconnect. It seemed as if we knew just about everyone there tonight! I loved watching Zachary with all of his friends - new and old - and seeing Luke get acquainted with the other younger siblings.

The Lego room was everyone's favorite. The museum is in an old school and the Lego room is in what appears to have once been a cafeteria. It's a large room with plenty of space to run around. When the kids weren't building or playing in one of the awesome Lego structures, they were playing tag. It reminded me of my childhood and summer afternoons with my siblings and friends. I didn't take my camera tonight, so I'm committing the images and sounds to memory. It was a wonderfully delightful day!

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